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  • From Research Lab to the Field
    General Electric’s Vacuum Tube Contributions – 1915 – 1918 by Jerry Vanicek and Joe Gruber Expanded and revised article that appeared in the Vol. 17 #6, December, 2015 TCA Magazine. Beginning in 1912, the Research Laboratory at GE was constantly experimenting and making developmental samples that could be used in their general quantity production fully…
  • Electro Importing Company’s Electro Audion
    Hugo Gernsback was born in 1884 in Luembourg and immigrated to the US in 1904 to market an improved dry cell battery, and later became a citizen. In that same year he opened a small mail order business called “The Electro Importing Company.” All he did was an immediate success. At some point he opened…
  • US Navy Eaton Tube Collection-Last Word
    By Joe Gruber Vacuum tube collectors may ask- What is the Eaton tube anyhow? This author will attempt to answer that question along with addressing the description of each tube in that collection. Esteemed tube collectors Jerry Vanicek and Lauren Peckham laid a foundation as to the identity of each tube, keeping in mind that…
  • De Forest Type T Audion – Why?
    By Joe Gruber Illustrations from the Joe Gruber collection as stated. While most collectors know, including this author, why De Forest made his type T (tubular) audion to meet the competition in 1916, it escapes me why he made it with only 1 filament. De Forest had been trying for several years to prevent west…
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